The Supposed Excitation

After their politically motivated attacks on the Veterans Memorial and subsequent flopping to support it… On the day of the ground breaking ceremonies,  Kelly “The Red Queen” Kautz and Mike “The Puppet” Sabbagh were present to show how much they supported the Veterans Memorial.

Attentively observing and supporting the Veteran's Memorial Ground breaking Ceremony

Attentively observing and supporting the Veteran

We found it pretty disrespectful to be texting during the entire ceremony!  After all, when you buy a brick with your CAMPAIGN funds, Your probably going to actually participate in the ceremony just from the perspective of the golden photo opportunity… Or who knows, perhaps they were texting congratulations to Tom Witts about the ground breaking.

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The Red Queen Paradigm

So someone must have mentioned to her HindEndNess how very petty, arrogant, and politically motivated after her obviously targeted line of interrogation in an attempt to discredit Tom Witts and the Veterans Memorial project at the 8/12/13 City of Snellville Council meeting. In the contradictory spirit, in the Red Queen’s report at the 8/26/13 her HindEndNess attempted to lead people to believe that she genuinely supported the Veterans Memorial by purchasing a brick using her CAMPAIGN FUNDS…  While this appears to be a genuine gesture of support, why did she use CAMPAIGN FUNDS as opposed to her own personal funds?

Why? Because she does not support the memorial, she was just trying to save face, and in the same moment toss another political attack at Tom Witts. Anyone who pays attention, attends the City Council meetings, or at least watches the videos of the meetings will know the real deal about Kelly Kautz!

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The Election Year Conjecture

At the August 12th City of Snellville Council Meeting… The Red Queen (aka Mayor Kelly Kautz) made comments about it being an “election year”.  Her comments obviously intended to be a subliminal attack against Mayor Pro Tem Witts and Councilman Howard who are both up for re-election this year along with Mike “The Puppet” Sabbagh.  Of course the majority of the citizens present either took offense or outright laughed at the comments of her hindendness and her loyal subject Mike “The Puppet” Sabbagh from the shear stupidity.

So… as fate would have it… it is indeed an election year as witnessed by a RARE appearance of Mike “The Puppet” Sabbagh today at the Snellville Farmers Market.  Shocked as we were to have even seen him there in the first place, we were amazed to see him attempting to purchase votes by purchasing other peoples produce.  He was in fact heard stating to one customer “Your money is no good here” as he paid for that persons purchase.

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Breaking News: Mayoralis Sociopathitis diagnosed in Snellville, GA.

Local politics are starting to interest us here at The Stupid Pill because there appears to be no shortage of prescriptions.  We fully expect this on the state and national levels, however usually we don’t come across to much in the county and city levels… that is until recently.

In 2011 a new Snellville mayor was sworn in and since that time, there has been no shortage of controversy, questionable actions, lawsuits, and just plain bad blood.  The new mayor is Kelly Kautz, who is a lawyer, and was previously on the city council prior to her successful run for Mayor.  One would think she has a working knowledge of the city, mayoral and council responsibilities and boundaries… and of course the execution of her position.  However we’ve been hearing and seeing otherwise, and it’s time to start looking at that all in much more detail.

There is a ton of topics to discuss and rather than try to put it all in one post we’ve decided that this Mayor is worthy of her own category which we’re calling “Mayoral Dysfunction” where we’re going to be discussing the many symptoms of mayoralis sociopathitis.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS legislature get huge prescriptions!

Senator Greg Ball session comments - 1/14/13

Governor Cuomo and the NYS legislature have stepped into the realm of “The Stupid Pill”.  Creating and signing into law today a law that does nothing to prevent illegal gun crimes as it was disguised to do.  Instead they have taken away more rights of the citizens of New York State!

Riding on the huge wave of misguided reaction to recent events, they have rushed to law something that does not resolve the root problem of criminals illegal actions with illegal weapons.   Not illegal weapons because of what the weapons are, but because they were obtained illegally and used illegally.  Restricting the legal ownership of these weapons is nothing more than political agenda gone crazy.

Many pro-gun ownership people are up in arms with this latest attack on the rights of law abiding citizens as they very well should be.  This law was not well thought out, was not discussed in any logical or meaningful way, and will not prevent the issues that its intended to.  It’s a bad attempt to combat a serious issue.

New York state already had extremely tough gun laws on the books, and the root problem is not the guns laws, but one of dealing with illegal guns in the hands of criminals.  Criminals are not going to abide by whatever laws get put in place; it’s just the nature of the criminal world.

Of course there is at least one stand up guy in the NYS legislature… Senator Greg Ball!  His remarks say it all, watch the video!

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